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The rules

Keep it Friendly

If there are any -isms (reverse-isms are not counted), any NSFW content, or illegal content. Websites will be declined if any of the above criteria are met.

Rule of Least Power

Use HTML, CSS, scripting (JS or serverside)-in that order-to do things. Use the ones more to the beginning of the list to do things.

Optimize it

Your website must have a Lighthouse accessibility and best practices score of 100 and a performance score over 90. Every file must also be compressed reasonably, and support for older browsers is not required.

Styled to the Nines

Your CSS needs to be really robust. If it relies on finicky browser-specific things, doesn't import fonts, doesn't have different media queries, etc... it won't be accepted.

Accessible for All

Everything in your website should be accessible so that it's not a pain to look at or interact with. This includes hiding longer text that's less important.

Free for All

If the site's not open source software, it won't be accepted. Period.

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